The First Impression, The Second Impression and the Third Impression

image10% is honestly just a measure, it doesn’t matter really at least for me if 2%, 5%, 10% or 90%. As long as given willingly, able as the heart desire and not in response to any tithe verses. Tithe system is a good system applicable for government and or businesses but not to the body of Christ, we are a family in Christ, our father in heaven does not charge His own children in Christ for a tax in a form of tithing. The problem is not really on the giver side but to those who teach it bringing along the word of God in the wrong context planting fears on the believers. For most believer, they tithe not because they really are willing initially but because they were conditioned from the beginning directly or indirectly to tithe, by constantly hearing the tithe sermon and by seeing churchmate doing so, most will eventually give in and will try it out until it become a system of habit and would feel like, something is missing if they don’t tithe or, something might happen if they don’t tithe or, they are not being blessed if they don’t tithe. I had asked initially my brother in Christ what they feel about tithing when they first heard it, what was the first impression. They told me at first they have doubt but try it anyway without really searching what its all about. For me the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom for this reason when I was ask to tithe, I search about it, I enquire about it, I read the scripture out of fear that I might anyhow apply His word. So there, God revealed it to me that its not needed in fact it was cancelled. But, giving as our heart desire to those in need regardless of how many percentage (not inclusive to money) is yes, its what we ought to do as Christians.

Can I survey those who practiced tithe in response to Malachi 3:10, Lev 27:30 and other tithe verses? What was your honest first impression about tithing when you came to know Christ? The first impression, because someone told me that, the first impression is from God, the 2nd is from a Man and 3rd is from the devil.

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