The Fulfilment of the Entire Law

Neighbour any person in need of one’s help or kindness (after biblical use). Or, simply a fellow human

A good definition of neighbor is anyone outside ourselves, may it either be our parents, our children, strangers or whoever other than ourselves is our neighbor. My parents for instance who live just beside my house is my parents and at the same time my neighbor. Love is very broad but out of this love produces a lot of branches, from love produces obedience, honoring, caring, giving and many others. The key word is Love and Neighbour, this is the 2nd greatest commandment and the bible says, this commandment can fulfill the whole Law under Moses. This was what Jesus did, He defies but fulfills the Sabbath law by healing the sick. He did not tithe instead He feeds the poor. All that Jesus did was to defy but fulfill the law by loving His neighbor-heal the sick, feed the poor, even loving them while being persecuted. But, we have to remember that this is just the 2nd greatest commandment. There is still the first greatest commandment- Love our God with all our heart, soul and mind. How do we fulfill this commandment? What did Jesus do to fulfill it? He fulfilled this commandment by fulfilling the prophecy about Him as exactly as it was written. The prophecy said, he will come from Judah and He did, the prophecy said He will be a priest in the Like of Melchizedek and He was. All the prophecy about Jesus Christ that was written did come to pass. He did in a sense, follow the scripture about Him as exactly as it was required of Him.

What does this teach us? The first commandment, the first priority is intended for us to Love God by being extra careful not to add or subtract to His written words so as not to abominate it. This is the first obligation and responsibility of a Christian, to be careful in interpreting the word of God so as not to misrepresent Him. From this very first commandment, faith will sprout. The 2nd greatest commandment will be the action of that faith. Either way, faith without good deeds is useless and good deeds but have no faith in God or good deeds in the expense of adding or subtracting to His word is also useless.

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