Two to Three Witnesses, His word shall be established.

image2 – 3 witnesses His word shall be established. From this verse, a principle can be deduced that 2-3 bible verses in agreement to each other, His word shall be established.

Abraham tithed one time to a priest who lives continually in fact, the high priest who was Melchizedek can sensibly argued to be Jesus Christ Himself and He lives to this very moment. It was indeed a privilege that Abraham tithe was receive personally by Jesus Christ through Melchizedek. Other than the instance where Abraham tithed to Melchizedek, there is no other record that Abraham tithed the 2nd time around or tithed to any other priest. There is only one verse that can support that Abraham tithed. So, having said the principle of 2-3 witnesses, there is no other supporting verse that will support that Abraham regularly tithe on his income. Therefore, God’s word is not established in relation to Abraham tithed regularly rather, it was one time tithe coming from the spoil of war and was receive personally by whom was an ephipany of Jesus Christ and to date till forever, He lives. We are a seed of Abraham, if Abraham tithed so must Christians. The problem is, should Christians tithe because Abraham tithed. Who shall qualify to receive it? Surely, the one who receive Abraham tithe is to date living in the name of Jesus Christ. Did Jesus permitted specific mortal being to receive what rightfully His? During the law, He did permit it to be receive and use by sons of Levi. In the time of grace, that permission to be receive by levites has been annulled together with their priesthood and so, those who claim to be spiritually affiliated with levites has also no right to receive it. There is no verse to support that Jesus permitted what belongs to Him to be collected by specific mortals in the time of grace. Indeed, even Apostles have no record that they receive tithes. Those who collect tithe in the grace period, you are robbing Jesus Christ Himself because He lives. And to whoever giving to church and or to the man of God and called it tithe as according to the tithe in the bible, you have been deceived.

Yes, Christians are priest, since all Christians are called to be priest and mortal priest receive tithe during the law. Who shall be the giver of tithe since priest don’t tithe but receive only? Muslim? Buddhist? Hindu?

Of course you would say also that it does not matter who receive it as long as your heart says you are giving it to Jesus. If it does not matter, should I give my suppose tithe to orphans, poor, those in need because I believe in my heart that my tithe is being receive by Jesus through them, will you consider it tithing? Yet, you say I’m not tithing if I don’t give it to the local church or man of God. Therefore, it does matter and as stated above, tithe belongs to Jesus and He lives. If we wish to give to Him and receive it, He implied to help our brethren who are lesser and in much need than us.

I am not being impossible to argue with. It’s either you have no answer to counteract my reasoning that is why you think I’m impossible to argue with or, is simply refusing to accept the truth. God is above all so as His ways. If you found my reasoning to be flawed surely, it can be counteracted because, there has to be a reasoning that is above and will counteract what I stated. Nothing is above God including my reasoning, if this is not from God, surely I can be proven wrong.

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