Jesus Lives and will Live Forever

The main conflict why biblical tithe should not be collected in the time of grace is mainly because the owner who is Jesus Christ is alive in fact will live forever. Even if money is allowed, even if you yourself is a levite by blood or even if you claim to be spiritually levites. None of us is entitled to receive what’s His simply because He lives and Jesus did not give any permission for anyone to receive it. The only group of mortal who obtain a permission to receive and collect what belongs to Him was the sons of Levi but, the sons of Levi has been change to Jesus Christ in the time of grace. Yes, Christians are called to be priests, we are priests who ought to declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light and that’s it. We are neither priest in the order of Melchizedek, this office of priesthood is still taken and can only be filled by Jesus Christ Himself because of the fact that to date, Jesus still lives and will live forever. Nor, we are a priest in order of Aaronic priesthood, this priesthood was already abolished. Jesus is alive and present everywhere, can you imagine receiving His tithe while Jesus (the owner) is just in front watching you receiving what belongs to Him without any permission? That’s a blatant robbing, is it not? A tithe is a process whereby there is a giver and a receiver, if no one is qualified or had no permission to receive it in the time of grace, it would follow that there is no need to give it. It’s like a buyer and seller, if there is no buyer, there is also no seller. In the history of the bible, there were only two entity who receive it, first Melchizedek (an immortal priest, an epiphany of Christ. Second, sons of Levi during the law, but the sons of Levi has been change to Jesus Christ, the middle entity to reach our father was change to Jesus Christ.

But, this is not an excuse not to give, believers of Christ ought to be free will givers as able, cheerfully not grudgingly. It doesn’t matter what percentage what matter is the condition of the heart, just give it not in response to ANY tithe verses. Give and help support ministers who teach accordingly as what the bible say. Give and help those in need (not exclusive to money), this is how not to be cursed.

Be a freewill giver as able and cheerfully not a tither.

Check out FAQ about tithes

Written by: Sherwin Cablao

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