Is giving support to a church equivalent to tithe?

The big difference between a support and a tithe is this:

When you give a support, you are giving to the one who you wished to be supported or honored. What Paul had received in Philippians was a support. The support belongs to the one who gives the support and it is up to him to whom shall he give that support.

When you say you tithe, you are not giving to the man of God rather you are returning what does not belong to you. Tithe belongs to God, it is His property and since it belongs to God, it is up to God who shall He give it to. Under the law, God said that His tithe shall be given to the sons of Levi and it was to be agricultural in return for their priestly service. Failure to give tithe, you would be robbing God because it belongs to Him but, failure to give tithe to whom God said was for the sons of Levi is equivalent to not giving tithe or even worst because God word is absolute, it’s unchangeable, and He said to give it in agricultural and give it to Levites, to date it did not change, receiving 10% after the death of Christ when you are not in the lineage of levites or even if you are is like using the word of God to extort money from someone when in the first place it was not money nor your lineage is from Levi. Even if you are Levites by blood you are still not entitled to collect tithe because Levites after the death of Jesus Christ has been resigned and replaced by Himself. Today, we don’t need to do blood and or other offerings that sons of Levi can only receive and process, we don’t need the levitical priesthood to offer gifts and sacrifices on behalf of us. After the death of Christ, all we need is the name of Jesus Christ to reach our Father. The mediator has been changed from Levitical to Jesus Christ and He is irreplaceable because our new High priest who is Jesus Christ will never be prevented with death, He had beaten death and to date, till forever He lives hence, all obligation, and benefits that were only exclusive to sons of Levi has been obsoleted and or annulled forever.

If one say you are practicing tithe as patterned before the law then, it is even worst because, before the law, it was collected personally by a priest to whom was witnessed to be living perpetually. Melchizedek who collected tithe was surely not a mere man, He was a theophany of God. The big question is if you patterned your tithe before the law; Is the one who collects your tithe today living perpetually and or a theophany of God? Are pastors, a bishop in today’s time considered theophany of God hence can collect tithe the same as Melchizedek? Or, they are merely man, if they are, do they have permission to collect the tithe that belongs to God because a man who collect the property of the one who is yet living and did not give any permission to collect what belongs to Him, the same permission as what sons of Levi had received, that man must be a thief.

Please educate me with chapter and verse in the bible.

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