The Tithe Deception 101

First, before all other teaching, teach the congregation about the hierarchy of authority, you should give a clear message that you are a man of God and that God give you an authority over the congregation. Anything you will say or said has been revealed by the holy spirit and so therefore coming from God, disobeying the authority is disobeying God. Make sure you had taught this before anything else to ensure that whatever you say however seem erroneous, they would obey. Next, mix the message about giving and tithe, in every service, there must be a short exhortation about tithes and offering. Then, prepare a sermon about tithe where the message goes like this or similar to this: You should give your tithe to where you eat spiritual food the same as when you pay your tuition fee to the schools where you study. Or, when you pay your tax to the country where you are working. Exemplify it with testimony so that people will be encourage to give. Do this repeatedly, the preaching may not always about tithe but make sure there will always be a short exhortation about tithes and offering every service to immunise the congregation.

Supporting verse: Malachi 3:10 says, bring your tithe to the storehouse- storehouse is the local church where you are being nurtured spiritually, so that their maybe food in the house, the food is the word of God. You give your tithe to the church so that, the word of God can be preach in the house of God. If you don’t give monetary tithe, how else is the word of God be spread? And, how else will the minister of God who deliver the word of God be feed, they will have nothing to eat if tithe is not given. You do this and God promised an abundant blessing that there is no more room to receive it or otherwise curse will befall you.

Another supporting verse: Matthew 22:21- Give to Caesars what is due to Ceasar and to give to God what is due to God. See, we pay our taxes to Caesars, its an obligatory, if we don’t pay it we are going to be punished for it. Likewise, tithe belongs to God, it is an obligatory, if we don’t pay it, one way or another we are going to be punished for it, that is why Mal 3:10 says, you are curse with a curse if you don’t tithe.

Here are the silver lining truth that you should not emphasise or otherwise, the deception will be exposed.

  • Malachi 3:10 was written under the context of the law, under the law God has an instruction that His tithe was to be collected by sons of Levi. Tithe, the first fruits always had been a belonging of God, before the law, it was collected by Himself through His theophany and or Epiphany in the name of Melchizedek. Under the law, He said that His tithe was to be given the sons of Levi. After the death if Christ, sons of Levi was replace and so, the instruction of the tithe to be given to levites has been invalidated because the receiver has been change or replace to Jesus Christ. In other words, the right to collect the tithe goes back to God unless, in the new testament age someone mortal had obtain a permission again the same as what the sons of Levi had obtain. If there is, kindly inform me what chapter and verse in the bible because, a man who collect the property of the owner who is not dead yet and did not give any permission to collect it, that man must be a thief. Moreover concerning the storehouse, it was part of the temple. When we accept Christ as our saviour, our body becomes the temple of the holy spirit and the church is the assembly of this temple which is us. So, church as defined in the bible becomes not a literal building rather becomes an assembly of believers. Should we insist that we should bring the tithe to the local church because local church is the storehouse or the temple. It would follow, that the tithe should be given to every believer in Christ because we- the body of Christ is the church. This is what they have been doing all along in book of acts, those who believe sold their positions, laid it down to apostle feet and re distribute to those who have needs among them (Acts 4:34-35). Not to have a collection to pay for the bills, to buy property, build mega churches and so on.
  • If you read the preceding verse from 17-20 of Matthew 22. You’ll notice that Jesus asked first for the tax money and proceeded to asked, who was the image inscribed in the money? And, when they answer Ceasar’s! He then responded to give it to Ceasar’s as it was a thing of Ceasar’s. Here, Jesus clearly give a distinction that money is a thing that is ceasar’s, for this reason, money is being used as mode of payment for taxes to date. Yes, tithes is a things that is of God but the tithes was never paid with money as Jesus Himself separate money to be a thing of Ceasars, it was paid with agricultural products. Evidently even the Pharisee understood this, that is why even though they were not farmers, they paid in terms of Anis, Mint and cummins. Another is that, Jesus was still on earth, Hebrews 8:4 says that, while Jesus was still on earth, He would not be a priest because there were priest who were offering gifts according to the Law. So, since Jesus was still on earth, the levitical priesthood was still needed to function hence, tithes was still a thing that is of God, in fact not only tithing but also burnt offering, heave offering and all obligation that were only allowed to be performed by the sons of Levi were still needed while Jesus was still on earth. And of course, since the levites was still needed to function, the privilege that comes along with the obligation which was the tithes was still needed to be given to them and still was their right to receive it. And, when Jesus finally complete His mission, the only thing that belongs to God that needs to be given back to Him becomes none other but our soul.

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