Tithe is a matter of the heart, it does not matter who receive it?

Counter Argument: I guess this is the most common response when the discussion seemingly not siding to tithing to be applicable in today’s time. But, let me just give a scenario, suppose you are to evangelise or share the truth to a person who firmly believe that through the statue of Mary, a prayer can be heard by God. You explain to him that this is not so as according to the bible, you laid to him all the scripture and all the sensible explanation and bible facts that what he believe is contrary to what the bible say. Yet, in spite of all the sensible and biblical fact you’ve shown, it does not matter to him because in his heart he believe that his prayer can only be heard through the statue of Mary. Are you going to acknowledge that what he believe is biblically acceptable since he believe in his heart that through the statue of Mary his prayer can be heard? If not, then that scenario also apply to tithing, even if someone say they believe it in their heart. The most that I can do is to respect it and not push it anymore but, I say, the heart of that someone has been deceived. That kind of belief, in fact whatever we believe in our heart is obviously not in born, we choose to place it there to the point that it became part of us and is really hard to remove however faced with an evidence undeniable proving that what the heart believe is in fact a lie. But, I pray that in God’s perfect time, the truth will be revealed in that man’s heart. Remember the heart is the most deceitful above all thing (Jeremiah 17:19).

Beside, if you say it doesn’t matter who receive it, should I give my 10% to those in needs, will you consider it tithing? If not, then I taught you say, it doesn’t matter who receive it? I believe in my heart that through those in needs (poor, orphans, etc.) my tithe is being receive by Jesus Christ but, you say I’m not tithing if I don’t give it to the man of God or to a local church. Therefore, it does matter who receive it and, regardless if one is a Bishop, Pastor, Apostles, Prophet, Priest, Doctor or whoever, everybody dies thus, no one really is qualified to receive it. Because of this simple fact, no one can reach the order of Melchizedek priesthood but Jesus Christ and He lives to date and forever. As far as the bible is concern, Jesus Christ did not give permission that, again His holy tithe can be collected by people who are subject to death. Remember, a man who collect the property of the owner who is not dead yet and did not give anyone permission to collect what belongs to him, that man might be accused of stealing.

Therefore, so as not to be deceived, since we (man) will surely die, always counter check man’s words/teachings against the word of God. You’ll never know, the man himself who claim to be a prophet, apostles, bishop and pastor might had been deceived for so long that the confidence in teaching a false doctrine really looks so genuine as if its not a lie. In fact, the man might not even be aware that he was for so long been deceived hence, the strong conviction that even a lie can sound so true.

The bible did say;

“Cease to trust in [weak, frail, and dying] man, whose breath is in his nostrils [for so short a time]; in what sense can he be counted as having intrinsic worth?” Isaiah 2:22 AMP

“Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no help. When his breath leaves him, he returns to his earth; in that very day his [previous] thoughts, plans, and purposes perish. [I Cor. 2:6.]” Psalm 146:3-4 AMP

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