The Biblical Tithe that can be Complied after the Death of Christ

The verse above is the biblical tithe that to date still possible to comply. This tithe does not need to be brought to the temple for the levites to bring it to the storehouse. As implied in the verse, this tithe was to be stored outside the gate for the levites and fatherless and widow and stranger to take. This is the kind of tithe that is being practice by the Jews, religious Jews give at least 1/10th of their income to charity not to their rabbi. This is similar to feeding program or giving to charity without necessarily giving first to the church then give to those in need.

Why is this possible to comply than the tithe quoted in Malachi 3:10? Because, except the levites, to date there are still widow, fatherless and stranger in this world. Since this is still possible to comply, the promise of blessing therefore is still binding.

Why is Malachi 3:10 impossible to comply as commanded? Simply because first, the temple where the storehouse was located after the death of Christ became our body, the holy spirit now reside in each and every true believer in Christ. So, when someone say bring the tithe to the storehouse, after the death of Christ, it means bring it to each and every believer in Christ. This was what the apostles had done, properties was laid down in their feet but it was not for their support because they preach the gospel rather, it was re distributed among them who have needs, the goal was equality among them. Second, the levites to which was commanded to collect tithe and bring it to the storehouse has been change to Jesus Christ, after the death of Christ, levites became not obligated to perform their priestly duties and so, their inheritance (tithes) due to their obligations as worker in the tabernacle became void. Needless to say that, therefore, those who claim to be spiritually affiliated with the levites such as Pastors or Preachers also became not entitled to collect the biblical tithes.

Jews also don’t practice the tithe as implied in Malachi 3:10 because their rabbi is not a descendant of Levi, they would have transgress the law should they practice it but don’t give to the one who has the commandment to collect it. Click here- Jews do not tithe today to read further.

Jews knew better. But, christians who quote biblical tithe verses to imply giving of the congregation 10% of income to the church or, to the man of God is violating the tithe law to which they say they keep therefore, a SIN. Click here- The Sin on Tithing Today to read further.

Post Note: Should anyone find this writing to be totally wrong, please correct me.

Click here- Will a man Rob God? To know more about tithes.


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