The Word of God is Absolute not Conditional

img_3984Simply put, to know if a commandment of God is still or might be applicable to date is to know who the recipient of that commandment. If the recipient still exist, it probably is applicable or at least one have the option to obey it or not as commanded. Remember that the word of God is absolute, its not conditional. If say you consider your parents instruction to be absolute not conditional, should your parents commanded you to buy McDonalds, if you don’t buy, its consider disobeying your parents instruction but, if you do buy but buy other food other than McDonalds, you still disobey the instruction of your parents when in actuality the option to buy McDonalds is still doable.


Keeping the Sabbath– This commandment is in the old testament. Nonetheless to date, once a week there is a Saturday. So, one have at least an option to obey the commandment as exactly as commanded.

Honour your mother and father- This commandment is also in the old testament. Nonetheless to date, there is still mother and father. So, one have at least an option to obey the commandment as exactly as commanded.

Circumcision- This commandment is also in the old testament. Nonetheless to date, male are still born everyday. So, one have at least an option to obey the commandment as exactly as commanded.

Not to eat unclean animals- This commandment is also in the old testament. Nonetheless to date, unclean animals as described in Lev 11 still exist. So, one have at least an option to obey the commandment as exactly as commanded

Tithing- Tithing is not a commandment before the law therefore, before the law, 10% is simply 10%, a mere percentage. It could be anything and could be given to anybody since there is no commandment yet about it. It can even be as simply as vow only. It only became a commandment under the law but not included in the 10 commandments the same as circumcision and not eating unclean animals. Tithes under this commandment was directed by God to be agricultural and was to be given to sons of Levi. Agricultural tithe since agri food still exist is still possible to comply, it maybe a joke bringing to the pulpit but still doable. But, giving to sons levi when even them after the death of Christ became not entitled to it is impossibility. Remember, tithes was given to them due to their priestly obligation, unfortunately after the death of Christ, levitical priest was resigned and replace by Jesus Christ Himself who did not descend from Levi. So, the tithes due the levites obligation should be no more. You surely will not still pay someone’s salary when that someone was already resigned, right? As such, those who claim to be spiritually affiliated with levites to justify receiving tithe just anchor themselves to someone who actually became not entitled to it. And, those who say that they comply tithe as commanded is not really complying it as commanded. As matter of biblical fact, nobody can and will be able to comply it, perhaps it’s one way of God’s saying that its already cancelled, circumstance itself tells us that it’s not doable as commanded. Yet, today they use the word of God to justify the act resulting in transgressing the word of God therefore, a Sin. Worst of it all, they are not only transgressing the word of God, they extort someone’s 10% of income using the word of God.

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2 Responses to The Word of God is Absolute not Conditional

  1. OLD TESTAMENT LAW can be divided into three parts.




    • I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how many parts the old testament was divided but based from wikipedia , tithing and Sabbath was part of the law. Sabbath and tithing may have been practice before the law of Moses was given but, between the two, only the keeping of sabbath was a commandment moreover, the this commandment of keeping the sabbath did not change regardless if its before, during and after the law, why? Because from beginning to end, there will always be a sixth day. Tithing on the other hand, though was read to have been done by Abraham one time, no one has commanded him to do it, unlike the sabbath, there was no God given commandment of 10% before the law Abraham tithe by example actually was even opposite to what was commanded under the law, In comparison, Abraham was blessed first before He give the tenth while under the law, to be blessed you have to tithe, Abraham tithe was given without anyone prompting him, it was voluntarily while under the law, it was obligatory, Abraham tithe was receive personally by someone who was witnessed to have lived perpetually, tithe under the law was receive by people who die- levitical. In short, tithing regardless of which part of the law was only a commandment under the law not before the law, it was the sabbath that was a commandment before the law.


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