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Leaving the Institutionalise church

I left the an institutionalised church because my question about tithing was not answered sensibly. It’s kinda like questioning 2+2, they answer me with 5, so I said, how come? It doesn’t make sense that answer is wrong but they say, it does not have to make sense, you just need to believe. You don’t need to understand the answer by mind but by the heart. Moreover, they wish me not to leave and they hope that God will make me understand the answer and the answer in my question is really like saying it’s 5 from a question of like 2+2. And take note, this answer is not revealed to those who are still living in a carnal life. Continue reading

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The Counterfeit Love?

We all knew that when we add or subtract to God’s word we are in a sense abominating the word of God hence, we don’t love Him. In relation to tithing, they say that tithing should be understand rather by the heart and not by the mind. Or, is it? Is it possible to understand tithing by the heart and soul alone but contradict in mind? God said, to love Him also with all our mind meaning, we may really felt it in our heart that tithing is a righteous practice but, what if the mind does not agree with what our heart says? Will the heart supersede the mind? Continue reading

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