Leaving the Institutionalise church

A continuation from this article: Why did we leave the church. 

I left the institutionalized church because my question about tithing was not answered sensibly. It’s kinda like questioning 2+2, they answer me with 5, so I said, how come? It doesn’t make sense that answer is wrong but they say, it does not have to make sense, you just need to believe. You don’t need to understand the answer by mind but by the heart. Moreover, they wish me not to leave and they hope that God will make me understand the answer and the answer in my questions are really like saying it’s 5 from a question of like 2+2. And take note, this answer is not revealed to those who are still living in a carnal life. If you are in my situation and it feels like people around you believe that 2+2 is really equal to 5 and ask you to believe it by the heart and not by mind moreover, when you try to explain to them the sensible answer, they just won’t accept the explanation because apparently, I was judged to be still living a carnal life hence, I will not understand it. Will you still stay?

Post note: There are 4 requirements to love God, love our God with all our (1) heart (2) soul (3) strength and (4) mind. You may feel like you understand the word of God by heart, soul and in strength you are doing it but, if it cannot be proven biblically in a sensible way then I believe, the love you felt for God is missing out with one more requirement and that is, we also have to love God with all our mind meaning, whatever we believe has to make sense also biblically. Tithing is one of them, you may feel it in your heart but if reason out logically based upon where it came from- the bible, it will come out to be not applicable for Christians.

Of course,  you may ask, if we have to prove things logically and sensibly, then can you prove God exist in a logical way? With this I say, if you mean to prove God existence based upon the outside evidence other than the bible to which the concept of tithing also came from, then I cannot prove it logically. I can only prove the existence of God logically and sensibly within the context of the bible likewise, I can also disprove tithing to be applicable after the death of Christ only within the context of the bible. Looking for a logical explanation outside this book will probably not make sense or even perhaps impossible to prove or disprove.

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