Why Do You Tithe?

The truth is you tithe because someone or the leaders of the church whom you respect and trust, whom you think knows the bible better than you, whom you think highly of and whom you became friend with says that, “according to the bible, God requires us to tithe”. On top of this, you are place in an environment where everybody seems to do it, its the norm of the environment you are in and you would think to yourself that, they cannot be possibly wrong and you’re right. And so, having these prejudices, you tithe even if you are actually not tithing, you say you tithe but actually, you are giving less than 10%. You testify that Mal 3:10 to be really true in front of the congregation when you actually give less 10% of what you’ve got and you are not giving what Mal 3:10 requires to which, the 10% was suppose to be agricultural and for sons of Levi. You are giving false testimony to encourage others to give. But, you don’t know this because, you think you are giving tithe if you just give no matter the percentage is, its what the church teaches, its what everybody does. Then, you start to evangelise, someone had put trust in you, they look up to you and think highly of you, they respect you. You invited them to church, they wanted to be part of it. You explain the church doctrine, what is salvation and everything, somewhere in between you explain what is tithe. And the cycle just repeat itself.

This all started when you yield your trust to a man and did not really study the bible carefully. The bible did say;

“Cease to trust in [weak, frail, and dying] man, whose breath is in his nostrils [for so short a time]; in what sense can he be counted as having intrinsic worth?” Isaiah 2:22 AMP

“Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no help. When his breath leaves him, he returns to his earth; in that very day his [previous] thoughts, plans, and purposes perish. [I Cor. 2:6.]” Psalm 146:3-4 AMP

As long as man dies, always counter check his word against the word of God. Let every man be a liar and God be the truth.

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