What is that 10% or Tithe Exactly? 

Since we are not supposed to assume or add something that the word of God did not say, can anyone educate me what is that 10% as mentioned in Mal 3:10, 10% of what exactly? And, to who was it for? Malachi 3:10 certainly did not specify what is that 10%? Kindly answer with verse reference.

I’m sure the most common response for tithers will be that the 10% refers to once income and for the support of the pastors. And, tell you further that there are many verses in the bible to prove it. But, if you insist on where are those verses to which God commanded that the 10% can be money and can be collected by any other group of people other than sons of Levi, they will not or cannot provide anything. The best I guess one can provide is Luke 18:12, an account coming from a self-righteous Pharisee who according to him, he fast twice a week and paid tithe of all that he has. Can we use an account coming from a self-righteous Pharisee as a proof of what is that 10%? Can the act of tithing of the self-righteous Pharisee supersede the commandment of God on what is that 10% and to who was it for? To tell you the truth, most tithers presume only what is that 10% perhaps because it’s what their leaders say it refers to this and that. The truth is, there is no such thing as MONETARY tithing to be given to church pastors/preacher. It simply is not biblical but, should you find this post erroneous, please show biblical proof what is that 10%? 10% of what exactly?

Book:Chapter: Verse, Let’s prove everything to be factual based upon what the bible really says and not assume what you think the bible says.

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