Controversiality has no Space in Absolute Truth

We know the devil is really very cunning, he can quote scripture better than we do. Sometime those who are being poisoned are actually not aware that they being poisoned, it would be foolish to be still be poisoned even if you are already aware of it, it would be committing suicide already. Now, how to know if you are being deceive or not? 

Answer: Be open for correction, should someone say your teaching is wrong like in the case of tithing as according to Mal 3:10 (click here) to which is not applicable for Christian. To whoever believe that the said statement is wrong and its still applicable and that those who are against tithing are greatly being deceived and those who believe in tithing are correct then, prove it within the context of the bible. Otherwise, if you simply ignore or have the attitude of “believe what you wish to believe and I believe mine” then, you probably are deceived already. The first sign of being deceived is shutting down those who disagree with you rather than proving them wrong. 

Share/subscribe on this blog site. This site is open for any correction as long as within the context of the bible. In fact, I will appreciate a friendly and productive debate regarding the tithing matter so as to finally remove it from being so called “controversial”. Any teaching that is based from the bible should have no hint of controversiality because its the absolute truth, controversiality has no space in an absolute truth. Think of it as like numbers, if we say 2+2 equals 4 and this is the absolute truth. Who would dare to make controversy out of it? Who would dare to disagree with it? One would probably disagree or make controversy out of it if you hate math or, you don’t believe in math but even if one will disagree, he/she can never come up with a sound explanation why the latter is wrong because its the absolute truth. The idea should be the same on any teaching that came from the bible, because its the absolute truth, no one except those who don’t believe God or Jesus Christ should disagree with it because its the absolute truth and likewise, even those who believe in God or Jesus Christ disagree, they won’t be able to find a sound explanation to prove the latter wrong. 

Click here for FAQ about tithes.

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