Come Now, and Let’s Reason Together

There are many commandments of God which Abraham faithfully followed, apparently, tithing to Melchizedek- a priest forever is not one of them. He has done it one time and voluntarily. Jacob only promises to tithe, it was not fulfilled in his lifetime. The only commandment of tithing was during the law to which, the 10% was to be given in agricultural and was for the support of the Levites, to the poor, to the stranger, widow, and orphan.

Wish to prove me wrong? Let’s have a friendly discussion.

Ground rules on the discussion:

  1. The point of reference is strictly bible only, let’s avoid discussing on what the bible did not say. Let us refrain from speculating or assuming.
  2. No name calling. If you or me is not able to come up with a sensible response, let us not resort to judging or say, should you not able to find a sensible response to my question, you cannot answer in such that you accuse me of like, I’m just making excuses or deceive or what, this rule applies vice versa.
  3. No answer means you agree with me or vice versa.
  4. Since tithe means 10%. Every time tithe or tithes pop out, let’s replace it with its corresponding numerical value which is 10%.
  5. Only engage in this discussion, if you agree on the ground rules.
  6. Should you protest on some of the rules, you are welcome.

As we know, one impression why some don’t like to go to church is because of the 10% requirement, this discussion, if in conclusion I’m proven wrong can help you in your evangelism as you can finally explain sensibly to a lost soul why is the church requiring 10% of your income.

God bless. May the Lord enlighten us both.

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