Key distinction between Melchizedek tithes and Levitical Tithe

The key distinction between Melchizedek tithes and Levitical Tithe was that Melchizedek was not commanded to collect tithe while sons of Levi has the commandment to collect it (Hebrews 7:5). There is no obedience if there is no commandment otherwise, how would you obey something when there is no instruction? Therefore, when someone says, “obey tithing”, that person is referring to Levitical tithing because it was the tithing that was commanded by God. And, since it refers to Levitical tithing, how will you obey it exactly when God’s instruction on His tithe was according to the verse above?

Moreover, this commandment on who to give His tithe does not change because His word is absolute, unwavering, unconditional, unchanging regardless of time and changes of this world. Meaning, no matter how it may seem improbable, impractical to apply in this modern world, His word shall still remain the same because it’s absolute and above all. You cannot replace Levites with the modern day pastor or priest to justify the continuation of tithing, no matter how you twist it, you’ll just change God’s word hence, a transgression.

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