Another Example of Thinking is Sometimes Difficult

Everything that you have belongs to God, 10% only is what He required of you to be returned so that, those who minister his word need not to work.

Tither: That statement is wrong. 10% of your income is not for the pastor or preacher, it’s for God.

Me: If it’s for God then, why is preacher/pastor alike collecting it. Are they God or were they permitted to collect what belongs to God? Because, as far as the bible is concerned, only Levites were commanded to collect the tithing? A man who collects the property of the owner who is yet living and has no permission to collect might be accused of stealing.

Tither: Well, Hebrews 7:8 Say “Here mortal men receive tithes, but there he receives them, of whom it is witnessed that he lives”. You see, a mortal can receive tithes and simultaneously being received by God.

Me: I’m a mortal man, your neighbor is a mortal also, everyone at some point in time will die so, everyone is mortal. Should I give tithing to another mortal man aside from pastors/preacher like say, I give to myself or to my neighbor or to the poor, does it mean that it is being received simultaneously by God since the one who receives it is also mortal?

Tither: The mortal men there refers to Minister of the word.

Me: Where does it say? The verse says mortal only and did not elaborate more who is that mortal. Apparently literally, everyone is mortal. We are not supposed to add something that the word did not say right?

Tither: You won’t understand until you repent from your sins. Bye.

Another example of sometimes thinking is difficult and the best way out sometimes in a discussion is to judge.

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