How not to disagree with a tither yet disprove tithing?

Image.pngIf Tither says, the law was not abolished hence, tithing applies. You don’t need to disagree, you just need to add that it also did not change. The law says tithe in the currency of food and only Levites (Num 18:21), your household (Deut 14:26) and the poor (Deut 14:29) can have it, that is what the law says.

If Tither says we are under Melchizedek priesthood hence, we can collect it since Melchizedek collected it. You also don’t need to disagree. It is exactly the reason why we should not collect it because we are UNDER meaning, below the Melchizedek priesthood. We don’t have the same level of Priesthood as Melchizedek, only Jesus has that type of priesthood. We are beneath that priesthood and, who collected tithes before the law? Was it priest under Melchizedek or Melchizedek himself?

If a tither says, we are not being legalistic or strict on the law of tithing as this was the mistake of the Pharisee, clarify this with him or her. If I give 30% would you consider it as tithing? I bet you would say, “of course we are not strict about it anyway”. How about if I give 2%, would you consider me giving 10% or tithing? If not since 2% is not 10% then, what happen to not being legalistic or strict on the 10%?

If Hebrews 7:8 is quoted to prove that mortal can collect tithe, highlight to him that, everyone is mortal. Everybody dies, do you mean to say that every human being is entitled to collect it since everyone is mortal? Who then will give?

If Tither says, tithing is a choice. Yes, indeed it’s a choice. It’s a choice between,

  1. Tithe and be blessed Or,
  2. Don’t tithe and be curse

Yes, the bible did say this in Mal 3:8-10. In that verse, the one who shall collect it in the storehouse was not mentioned, you have to refer to other verse to find out that, only Levites can collect God’s tithing. So, whoever giving tithe yet follows the quantity only but does not give it to Levites is not really following God-given condition to avail the blessing or be cursed. Should it worked even if you did not adhere to God’s condition on what and to who shall collect it, who do you think made it worked?

Should you wish to reason with me or disprove me, email me at or comments.

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