How important is Tithing?

Preachers/Pastors would tell you that tithing is the least most important and quote verse Mat 23:23 as their support. For them, the congregants (the giver of tithes) must feel or believe that it is the least important so that they won’t be bothered to give 10% of their income but, to preacher and pastors, it has to be the most important.

Below are a few of the reason why it is the most important for the receiver of tithes:

  • The tithe is the tangible basis whether you are willing to step up your spiritual life. If you wish to be used or participate in preaching or any pulpit works, the basic requirement is being faithful to God and, no matter how you showed your sincerity that you want to participate in the pulpit but don’t give 10% of your income to which they keep a record, they won’t believe you, why? Because, how could they believe your sincerity when, in their belief, you are not tithing hence robbing God? How could someone claim that he/she is faithful yet rob God?
  • Tithes serve as the support for those who minister the word contradicting what apostles had instructed in 2 Thessalonians 3:8-9 where they said that they worked day and night and did not ask for the support not that they not are entitled to it but to serve an example for followers to follow. But, instead of working a day Job, preaching becomes their day job and, how can they feed their family if they don’t collect tithe or 10% of congregants income? Of course, there are those who prefer to work while being a preacher but still requires tithing from their congregant. Though they don’t need the tithing to support himself, the fact that it is still being taught and required, the next pastors or preacher may adapt the teaching because why not? They believe they are the rightful physical recipient of it.

Click here to read about Matt 23:23

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