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How would you please God?

Assuming I have everything as in literally everything, I don’t need anything from anybody, I have it ALL. Now, Imagine I created something so precious to me and really love what I had created. Then, you kinda worshipped me, you … Continue reading

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The True Church Of JESUS CHRIST

What if the church system is like this? Those who are convicted with the teaching of Jesus Christ and would believe Him as God would eventually have compassion and desire to help those in need as able both physically and … Continue reading

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8 steps on how to be qualified and be successful in collecting tithes for dummies

Attend every church service and give tithe always as implied to give because Mal. 3:10 said so. Get involve and be active in church activities. When possible, study pastoral through the church if they offer such curriculum. Should there be fees, … Continue reading

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