8 steps on how to be qualified and be successful in collecting tithes for dummies

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  1. Attend every church service and give tithe always as implied to give because Mal. 3:10 said so.
  2. Get involve and be active in church activities.
  3. When possible, study pastoral through the church if they offer such curriculum. Should there be fees, your expenses would be nothing compare if you already have huge congregants.
  4. Once completed the pastoral degree. Go out and preach, convince others to join your church. Once, you’ve reached the minimum member, register your church to become a non- profit corporation. This would be helpful later on once you have a lot of followers. Try not to preach tithing first or, don’t preach it at all to avoid misinterpretation. Tips: Attend seminars to improve your speaking. Don’t make the preaching boring, make it entertaining, you can do magic or whatever to make it not boring.
  5. But, every service before preaching, make sure to have a short exhortation about tithes and offering. Don’t miss this out as this is the key. Encourage your followers to go up the stage and give testimony of victories however little and, always attribute these small and big victories to tithing. This would encourage hearers to tithe even if they don’t understand it but, don’t put pressure on it. Just keep repeating this step. It will sink in subconsciously, the key is constant repetition, this process of brainwashing may take years.
  6. Encourage your congregant to bring their friends and family to hear the word of God. Should they asked about tithing, tell them that it’s not forcibly enforced, voluntarily and as decided according to your heart. Let step no. 5 do the work.
  7. Repeat steps no. 5-6 for years. And see the result, you’ll have blessing through tithing that no room can contain. Your expenses on the tuition fees in step 4 would have been overly compensated at this point.
  8. Now, you are ready to branch out. Send missionaries to every place. Have a preaching TV program, radio, buy preaching Jet, House. This is where the non-profit corporation which you have done in step 4 will come in handy. Put this Jets, houses, and other assets under the umbrella of the non-profit corporation. This will save you from taxes


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