The True Church Of JESUS CHRIST

What if the church system is like this?

Those who are convicted with the teaching of Jesus Christ and would believe Him as God would eventually have compassion and desire to help those in need as able both physically and spiritually regardless of belief or position in life. One would not contribute or ask for contribution to have a worship place, to rent a place, to pay this bills and that, to be used for personal consumption, etc. Rather, one will contribute as able so that you may have a bulk of resources to be given or to be shared to those people in needs regardless of their belief and standing in society.

I imagine the result to be like this:

After the conviction, you now put into action what has been taught and, as able you helped others as much as you can without asking or expecting anything in return. Someone or this person would eventually asked why you are doing this. Then, your response is;

“because this is what Jesus Christ would have done”.

I image that the above response would lead to another questions after questions especially if that individual happens to not know Jesus Christ.

Who is this “Jesus Christ”?

Then, you’ll respond;

“It is my God, He is the one who convicted that I should do this to His church. You are that “church”. Jesus could live in you if you are willing. And, as He convicted me, He would do the same with you. Church is not some fancy guitar, nice building. It is myself and yourself and anybody who is willing to accept Him”

In the above scenario, you’ll show who Jesus Christ was while on earth. He was not being sang to with praises. He was not being worshiped with loud music. He together with His disciples are helping others in need. To follow His example while on earth is to worshipped Him.

The above is what I believe and imagine the church system should be and, this world will be a better place. 🙂

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