The Real Serpent Seed

1 Corinthians 15:46 The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual – The context is self-explanatory

On the 3rd day of creation (Gen 1:11-13), God made grass and all the trees on earth. This includes trees inside and out the garden of Eden in (Gen 2:9). Inside the garden of Eden, in the middle of it, there were 2 trees that you cannot found anywhere but inside and in the middle of the garden- the tree of knowledge of good and evil and tree of life. These trees were natural or literal but can be found only in the middle of the garden. So, don’t try to find it unless you are sure exactly where is the garden of Eden.

God commanded the man (Eve was not yet here) in Gen 2:16-17 to not eat the tree of knowledge of good evil. All were allowed to eat which implies that they could eat the tree of life. In the commandment given by God to Adam, there was no word “touch”.

In Gen 2:19, one of God creation here were the beasts of the earth. Gen 3:1 says, the serpent was one of the beasts and the most cunning one (deceptive). Here, I would agree that the serpent as a beast kind was perhaps a 4 legged creature or a two-legged creature even perhaps with a tail as seen in the above picture but still a beast or part of the animal kingdom as according to the bible.

And so it happened in Gen 3: 1-2, the beast serpent deceived the woman. Notice the deception start with a question, “Has God indeed said, You shall not eat of every tree of the garden? This was to elicit a response from Eve and based on this response the serpent would gauge whether she really understand the commanded. She replied with the addition of “touch”, by doing so, the serpent must have realized already that the woman does not really understand the commandment and so, the woman did eat the fruit of the tree of good and knowledge (TGE) and also give Adam the fruit of the TGE and eat it.

After eating the fruit, they now obtain knowledge of what is good and evil. Right there and then, they realized that they were naked and to them it was shameful, this is because of the knowledge of evil obtained, they realized that it’s not good to be naked in public places to which until now applies. In Gen 3:7 they sewed fig leaves to make a covering not just for the private part but the whole body.

Gen 3:14-15 was the punishment of the serpent. The beast serpent perhaps from a 4 or 2 legged creature was punished to moved using the belly as if like a snake. Here, it’s clear that the serpent has no more legs to walk. I will put enmity between the serpent and the woman and, thy seed and her seed. Meaning, at first glance the woman would not even attempt to get near to the serpent. This is the reason why most women until today are afraid of snakes. Actually not just women, all humans qualify as her seed since Eve (her) is the mother of all being. Do you not wonder why we feel this enmity or feel hostility when we see snakes? It’s because of Gen 3:15. Serpent seed here refers to the serpent seed according to serpent kind. When the beast was created, they were created to reproduce Gen 1:22 but, since the serpent was now crawling creature, the serpent seed can only reach the heel of man (as every man is her seed – Eve (her) is the mother of all being). And the man in response can crushed the head of the serpent as it crawls in the ground. This is the natural things that happened and is happening even now before it can be projected figuratively.

In a figurative meaning, the serpent seed is the product of the serpent deception and that product was sin. It had since multiplied, from deception to eve begot lies, murder, fornication, etc. The serpent is a symbol of fertility hence, the multiplication of sin. This is the real serpent seed figuratively but before that, it was in a natural form first.

Then the figurative meaning of “I will put enmity between you and the woman”. Going forward, Mary was the woman and the serpent which is a symbol of sin did not enter into the woman, here the enmity applies because the woman did not get pregnant by a man since, same as genealogy, sin is passed through physical father Exodus 34:7. Then, the enmity between her seed which was named Jesus and the serpent seed happened, this was when the devil tempted Jesus Christ 3 times yet crushed all the temptation (her seed will crushed thy head). Why? because unlike Eve, Jesus knows exactly what was written.

Now, as long as you believe in “her Seed-Jesus and act according to His will without adding or subtracting in His word. You can crush the Sin which is the (serpent seed) but, stays on guard because sin will strike your weakness. (Serpent will bruise your heel) where heel in figurative meaning is a blind spot, weakness.

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