God is above and Beyond Reason

imageI believe that God is above and beyond reasons, since reasoning is defined to be the act of thinking about something in a logical sensible way then, God should always make sense and even beyond it, not the least or the absence of it. Of course, there are God’s words that seem like doesn’t make sense but, all means or parameters of sensible reasoning used by man should first be tried. If it still doesn’t make sense and however man uses all means of logical thinking but still cannot prove it, then that proves that God is above and beyond reason not the least or absence of it. One example is the creation story, however the man can prove that it’s not true, that we came from a monkey or whatever, that earth is billions of years old. The simple truth is, no man is alive to prove it, no man can go back in the past, everything out there is a theory, however it makes sense to a man still is a theory. But, our God lives forever which therefore proves that He is the only witness in the creation. No man can prove but Him. I’m not trying to disprove Him, it just that, some of His words are not elaborated or specific or did not provide more explanation, It is we (man) that sometimes give the elaboration. I’m not saying that we cannot do that, but if we do, it should make sense in every meaning available and to what those meaning could refer to, consistent and no contradiction however it may seem small and irrelevant as His word is perfect.

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