Tithing as understood by Group of People

  • Financial Planner / Financial Guru – Tithing is giving some portion of what you earned to God through the church or to the poor or to charity.
  • Christian Tithers – Tithing is giving to God for church cause, evangelism, church bills, spreading the Gospel, charity and those in need in the church.
  • Preacher ( The receiver) – Their portion as their support or their wage.

You see, I could be the financial guru who explains in large congregation why tithing is important because in my belief or in my mind, tithing is giving to those in need or charity as God does not need to receive, but humans need to give. The congregation could agree with me but, what I and the congregation don’t know is that the receiver of it think otherwise. What I and the congregation thought to be for the needy, the preacher belief and thought is that it’s for him as it is the percentage that God allotted to him because he preaches the Gospel.

So you see, there is a disconnect between how the giver perceived tithing and how the receiver perceived it to be.

But the truth, biblically, the tithe was only commanded by the owner of it to be received by the Levites, foreigner, orphans, and widows. Unless, the preacher is one of the recipients of the tithe as according to the bible, then he can receive it.

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