Who Really is the Master Behind the Veil?

IMG_3317Born again Christians will stop believing Christmas, Halloween, Easter and even correct other beliefs that do not involve money, all because they acknowledge that these traditions and beliefs are not biblical or have no biblical basis. It will cost nothing for any Christians if they amend their beliefs by removing these traditions and practices in their belief system. But, it’s difficult in TITHING even though they are aware that biblically it was canceled and will even defend its doctrine without the use of biblical supports applicable to new testament saints. Why? because for so long that tithing is being practiced, it became the lifeblood of the church, the leaders, the ministers fear that if they stop requiring the congregation to tithe rather give what the heart desires, the church might eventually not stand because they worry on how would they able to maintain the payment of the bills, the rental cost, etc, if there is no assurance (by means of planting fear using Malachi 3:10) from the congregation that there will be a steady cash flow of money into the church. Pastors or Ministers that get their maintenance from the Gospel might not able or would worry how will they able to support their family. Ironic that the same Leaders, Pastors, and Ministers believe that they serve a God who can make all things possible yet, worries such a thing.

The bible said;

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”Matthew 6:24 NKJV

It made me wonder, if tithing became the lifeblood of the church even though there is no biblical support that it’s allowed to practice in the dispensation of grace, in fact, it was canceled in Hebrews 7:18 but then, pastors, leaders are afraid that the church might not stand if they stop requiring the congregation to tithe. Who is really the master behind the veil? Or, who does the church really serve? Money or God?

Footnote: During the law, do you know that it was the temple tax that upkeep the jewish temple. Click this. This tax was for the purpose of running the temple, maintenace and the financial needs of the priest. Jesus Christ and Peter even payed this tax so as not to cause offense. Tithe was never money and it was not use for the upkeep of the jewish temple. Now, in the time of grace, our body becomes the temple of the holy spirit. When we accepts Jesus Christ, our body becomes where the holy spirit abide. It becomes not a structure or a building and so temple tax becomes unnessary. But, it seems like man cannot either accept the changes or stuck with the law thus, we still build or rent a structure as a temple burdening ourselves with the obligation of the rent, amortization, property tax, maintenace, etc. But, this time around instead of requiring people to pay temple tax to support the financial needs of the temple or the church building, we convert the agricultural tithe to monetary tithe and, we-people who die, authorized ourselves to recieve what belongs to God when God is living. What man had done and still being done today is that, man totally change the word of God to which God forbid.

See FAQ, know more about the real tithe in the bible.

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1 Response to Who Really is the Master Behind the Veil?

  1. Abba says:

    Hmmn. Very good question!


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