Why Did We Leave the UPCI Organization?

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Why did we leave UPCI organization?

It was not because we were offended by someone, no one has offended us rather, it was because of tithing but it was not because we don’t want to give, it was because we discover that requiring someone directly or indirectly to biblically tithe as according to Mal 3:10, Matt 23:23 in the dispensation of grace is unnecessary and is in fact, transgression of the tithing commandment. click here.

This is not my personal conviction rather this is a look at the core teaching on tithe doctrine as a practice by the organization. On the contrary, those preachers who are diplomatic and use tithe other than supporting their living is a matter of their personal conviction. Tithe in strict biblical principle is for the support or maintenance of the preachers, they don’t even need to work, it is a matter of their personal conviction when they prefer to work other than get their maintenance from the gospel through tithing. You can review the IMFH teaching on this matter (Click In My Father House Teaching on Tithing).

It’s an obligation and the right to be received by those who minister the word of God at least according to the tithing doctrine as being taught by the organization. Sure, they would say it’s not an obligation, they would even say it’s voluntarily but, what I learned so far is not to look on what a man is saying but to look on the core teaching itself and however the man says diplomatically that you are not obliged to tithe, their core teaching of tithe says otherwise, it is in fact, an obligation.

The question though, Is this obligation applicable in the time of grace because though it’s an obligation, it is also a privilege to be received by a specific group of people? What happens if this group of people (sons of Levi) was removed from the priestly duties, were they still entitled to receive their privilege (tithes) in return for their priestly service? If they became not entitled to receive tithe in the dispensation of grace, it would follow that even those who claim to be spiritually affiliated with Levites, becomes also not entitled since the group of people they spiritually affiliate with already became not entitled.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean it’s not wrong to give or support the ministry of the church so long as it is according to what the bible says, in fact, we ought to support the ministry but not through the use of biblical tithing because of the following reasons:

  • The church itself teaches that we are not supposed to add or subtract into God’s words yet, by practicing tithing today, churches are actually adding to His word. How? Well, first, because tithe was not meant to be money. Secondly, even if money was a tithable item which was not, the privilege to receive it was only for the Levites. In the context of biblical tithing, we are breaking the very law of tithing we say we keep when we give tithe in response to ANY tithe verses in the bible other than type 2 and type 3 tithes (click here). We cannot practice tithing just for the sake of practicing it. There are God-given ordinances on what to tithe, where to tithe and who to give it. God does not change thus, those ordinances still apply. This was in the package of tithing but it seems, it was modified by men to suit to their intended purpose. In the time of grace, sons of Levi was removed or was replaced by Jesus Christ stripping them from their priestly obligation including all other laws that were only for the sons of Levi. The priesthood law that made the sons of Levi priest simply became not applicable to Jesus Christ since He came from the line of Judah. There was no law written for Jesus to destroy because there was no law that was for Him in the first place thus, He created a new one obsoleting the old one. Jesus to date is alive, the church surely knew this. If tithes were transferred to Jesus, He is still the rightful receiver because of the fact that He lives. For any mortal to collect it in behalf of Jesus, they should have permission to do so but, neither the apostle collected it nor you can we find any verse that at least imply that in the time of grace, Christians can collect what belongs to Jesus. Like what I said, Yes, we can support the works of Preachers, there is no issue with it but not through tithes because tithe belongs to God and we have no permission to modify it to money nor even collect it.
  • Money is as important in today’s time as during the old testament. We should not anyhow suggest to someone directly or indirectly to give out his/her 10% income as a biblical tithe unless proven sensibly and without any doubt that it is required by God in the dispensation of grace. That 10% of income might be equivalent to his/her child’s meal, who knows.
  • The church may not have an idea on the financial responsibility and obligation that a working person is being shouldered especially OFW’s/domestic helper. Who knows, this OFW’s might had sold his/her property back home just to work abroad and is currently paying the debt. The church should not anyhow impose a teaching that suggest or encourage that the congregation should give their tithe income as a requirement by God to Christians without solid biblical support. Every individual have different earning capability, some earn quite huge enough that it’s sufficient for them to live 90% of their income. But others especially poor people, even the 100% of their income is not sufficient to get by, how much more living on the rest of the 90%. Suggesting to give the 10% of income to an organization as tithe hence, robbing God if not given should be proven to be a solid biblical principle without any doubt because if not proven, the church is likely scamming the believers into giving the 10% of his/her income without any spiritual value.
  • Tithing critics should be disprove because if they are correct, it would mean that a lot of Christians has been deceived with this teaching in an effort to give out their 10% of income to the church.
  • Tithing critics should be disprove because if they are correct, it would mean that churches are unknowingly and/or purposely planting guilt to believers that they are robbing God if they don’t tithe when they are the one that is being robbed.

I’m persistent about this issue simple because I believe it was revealed to me for a reason that I should not keep it for myself. People have the right to know the truth and I cannot do that while I’m in the organization. Why should I be talking against the teaching of the organization yet, at the same time still goes to the church, it is like backbiting someone and we know that as Christians we should not do that. Moreover, I just can’t stand the thought that my fellow believers are being gullible about this issue even to the extent that they prefer to tithe rather than to help someone in need or even prefer to tithe rather than use it to feed their own family. Like what I said, everyone has a different earning capability. Those whose income at 100% yet cannot even properly provide for their family but still, prefer to tithe than use it to feed his own child has to stop. You are trying to fulfill an unnecessary requirement at the same time break a necessary requirement

“You are worst than unbeliever or has denied the faith if you cannot even provide for your own famil” 1 Timothy 5:8

Tithing should not remain controversial in an organization that practices it. There should be a solid, sensible, logical and with not out of context biblical support to prove to the congregation that God did allowed it to practice in the dispensation of grace otherwise, the church is just scamming the believer into giving money to the organization.

Click FAQ about tithing, it’s my own writing.

It is not true that the more you study about it the more un answered questions will come out or the more you know the more you don’t know. It only works in science, tithing is an specific subject were questions can only be answered within the context of the bible. As far as my writing is concerned, I was able to come out with only 32 possible questions with a truthful answers about tithes that I think will reveal the true tithing in the bible. If you can think of other questions apart from the questions I wrote, I would be much willing to answer.

In addition, I have attached in PDF file my initial writings to the church enquiring about tithes including the church modesty and hair length for women standard in which to date, there is no clear answers.

I really believe that my writing is a revelation coming from God but, if you think otherwise that my writing is not from God then I’m pretty sure it can be disprove. I am always open for correction, reproach or rebuke should my writing really is not align with the word of God but to date, not a single sensible and biblical correction or reproach from anyone may it either be from trinitarian, oneness or whatever denomination. This is another reason why I left the organization because, they seem to hide or they themselves are innocent about the real tithing in the bible, like what I said, it’s not that we don’t want to give, it’s about the mis use of the word of God to extract money from someone through the use of tithing doctrine. I had no problem personally on tithing, in fact, I’m most willing to oblige if it’s really required by God in the time of grace but if it’s not a requirement, it should be stopped rather let the believer give as able without measure and without being prompted.

Let the believer give out of love as able not out of fear that he/she is robbing God if he/she don’t tithe hence, will be cursed.

Let us bring the matter into the light and dismissed the controversy once and for all.

Click the link below on the debate between me and UPC Pastor

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4 Responses to Why Did We Leave the UPCI Organization?

    • Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him? But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering. (I Corinthians 11:14-15 NKJV) ”

      Notice the last verse it says hair only was given to be covering not long hair though woman need to wear long hair but hair alone is covering. So, hair equates to covering, head covered is the minimum length of hair that can be considered long hair. Not covered or un covered is no hair. Because it says “not” and not means not, not maybe or short. God’s word is absolute yes means yes, no means no. The meaning of “not” is quite self explanatory. Longhair equates to uncut hair. With this meaning of words, it means woman ought not to cut her hair but for man, he ought not to cover his head or have no hair because it says not covered and covered equates to hair. This may sound silly, but every scripture are inspired by God, meaning the words written came from God. And, since it came from God every bit of the word are absolute, in harmony and in consistency with each other. So, having said this, woman ought not to cut her hair because long hair in greek words means kom-ah’-o which means to let the hair grow. Since it says let the hair grow and did not say cut, it follows that the hair for a woman should just let it grow because the meaning did not imply that it can be cut off. It’s like saying, “you run” since stop is not implied just keep running without stopping. Or, to let the nail grow, since cut is not mentioned just let it grow without cutting. However absurd, I will agree to this, somehow it make sense and it applies the word of God being absolute but let us also apply the God’s absolute word plus the consistency and harmony of meaning to a man. Since hair equates to covering, for a man he ought not (not maybe, nor short) to cover his head meaning, a man ought to cut his hair to such there is no hair anymore so as to be considered not covered when prophesying or praying. Notice that the preceding and succeeding verses that pertains to a man and woman uses covered/not covered/uncovered not short, unless of course the greek word of not covered means short which does not. You also cannot anyhow say that the spiritual meaning of not covered is short hair.

      This is the one that does not make sense because UPC seems not obeying the verses that pertains to a man but for a woman they impose it. Unless otherwise they only look at Corinthians 11:14-15 and ignore the preceding and succeeding verses.

      For complete explanation and enquiry click here:


      Why am I enquiring? Because again the church teach that we are not suppose to add or subtract to Gods word or in this case selectively impose God’s word. The church is in a sense subtracting to God’s word since they prefer to impose His word to a woman only but not to a man.

      Beside applying the 2-3 witnesses principle, there is no other verse that can support that woman ought not to cut her hair other than 1 Corinthians 11:15 . So, in a sense God’s word is not established in relation to this matter.


  1. My book, “The Magna Carta Of Tithing” lays it all out on the table for believers to see and understand. Peter did not advocate tithing in Acts 8:20, and neither did Paul in Romans 8:32! Study the word of God to know the truth, or they will enslave you to tithing! “The Magna Carta Of Tithing” is the financial “flu-shot” for believers.
    F. Glen Skidmore

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