The Act of Observation- Quantum Physics and God

It is said that in quantum mechanics, what forces the particle to behave in certainty is the act of measurement and/or observation. The reality there seems based on whether we open our eyes or not.

There are 2 physics that we know of.

Classical and Quantum physics.

Classical Physics deals with certainty- this is the nature we are familiar with.

While Quantum Physics deals with weird nature that when measure or observed, only then the behavior becomes certain.

Now, why is there 2 nature of reality?

If we factor in God, we will realise that in classical physics, we behave the way we behave because an act of observation by someone higher than the universe has been done already to us so that we now behave in certainty.

Meanwhile, the particles in the Quantum realm that behave not conforming to classical physics are not yet observed and men are learning to harness it hence, we now have electrical devices.

Until now physicists are trying to connect the 2 reality to which they came up with a theory that cannot be proven by experiment. This theory is the string theory, this is commonly depicted in movies like star trek, the one by Jet Li, Marvel universe. This theory suggests that you and me have a duplicate in a parallel universe, this is based when scientists discovered quanton entanglement, the only way to project this to our reality is to have a multiverse with you and me having another version somewhere in the universe that are entangled with us.

As for me, since string theory cannot be proven. When we factor in God, quantum reality will never be projected to our reality because we are already observe hence, we cannot behave like in quantum reality since an act observation has been done to us.

As said in the video, the equation of quantum mechanics helps the engineers to design microscopic switches that direct the flow of tiny electrons and control virtually every one of today’s computer, digital cameras, and telephones.

Engineers are the one who does the act of observation so that these tiny electrons can now behave in certainty to do a specific function i.e to power on the tv, light on the camera, etc.

In a broader perspective, we are like tiny electrons and the engineer is like God. We have been observed and directed in the same manner that tiny electrons are being directed by an engineer to perform a specific function.

In our perspective or, in the perspective of the tiny electron, we have no idea of what lies ahead of us, we cannot foretell our function at the end of the line but, from the perspective of God or Engineer, he already knows our function, our end of the line.

For full video on Quantum mechanics.

Click here

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