Which Word do you Prioritised?

To my understanding, you take first the word of Jesus Christ to be the reference or centrepiece to which your interpretation of other verses will pivot, this is because, the Son is the word of God and He alone knows the Father to the fullest.

Example: When Jesus said:

“I have REVEALED YOUR NAME to the people you gave me from this world. They were yours and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word.”John 17:6 CEB

The answers of the questions below may vary depending on whose word you prioritise.

  1. What is the name that the Christ revealed?
  2. Why must the Christ still reveal the name of the Father when Moses already revealed it way back in the old beside, it’s already a common knowledge for the Jews to know the name of God yet here, the Christ revealed the Father’s name?
  3. Is it possible that what Moses had received was not really the preferred name of God?
    If you prioritised Moses word, you’ll probably make the “name” in the verse not really a name but a power and or authority so that, Jesus did not really revealed the Father’s name since Moses already revealed it way back in Exodus.
    But, if you prioritised Jesus Christ word or make His word the center piece of your interpretation, you would wonder what was that name which Moses had received, it must be that Moses did not really receives the most preferred name of God rather, God reserved a name for the Son to make it known and that name, is the name given to the Son. The name given showcase who God is through the Son, in this name, the Father is glorified. (John 14:13)

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