Atheist and Theist, Who is Wiser?

Believing in God or not believing in God is a personal choice. Whatever your choice, it becomes your personal truth, it is not an absolute truth because neither one can prove empirically that God exists or God does not exist hence, it becomes a personal choice.

But, there is one empirical truth that is common to all and that is death. Everyone dies at some point in time, what happens next though is only a notion of what might happen.

Atheist believe that nothing happens.

Theists believe that there is life after death and this is because of God.

If you are an atheist, your chance of being correct is half the chance as the theist.

What if the atheist is right and the theist is wrong? Well, in death, what happens to atheist also happens to theist and so, they are equal.

What if the atheist is wrong and theist is right? Well, in death, atheist as expected nothing happens but dead, theist though under the right belief get to live eternally.

So, in both scenario, who actually lose?

I guess you know the answer.

If you do choose to be theist, in this notion, it gets more complicated as theists have a different belief of who and or what is God.

Nonetheless, under the notion that there is God. One branch of theist belief is also half the chance as correct as of the other branch of belief. Again, this comes down to a personal choice what to believe.

Some choose to believe what others have told them to believe.

Some choose to believe according to what makes sense to them.

Nonetheless, in either case, the chance of them being correct is half the chance as of the others.

So, choose wisely and better choose a belief that is truly yours not from someone else because, at some point in time during judgment, you cannot pass the blame to others saying that you were taught wrong and so it was not your fault. You were given a choice and whatever your choice, you alone are responsible and liable to it, you cannot play the blame game with God.

To know who and or what is God? watch!

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