Born of Water and Spirit

“Jesus answered, “I assure you, unless someone is born of water and the Spirit, it’s not possible to enter God’s kingdom.”John 3:5 CEB

Question: What does the verse above mean “born of water and the Spirit”

Answer: Born of water is a mark of good conscience towards God. Conscience is an inner feeling or voice acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behaviour, born in water means you have good sense of the above.

Example: You know you are born of water when you only have desire to be good, your conscience shout goodness.

“Baptism is like that. It saves you now—not because it removes dirt from your body but because it is the mark of a good conscience toward God. Your salvation comes through the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” 1 Peter 3:21 CEB

Born of the Spirit is when the Spirit of the Lord rest upon you.

“The LORD’s spirit will rest upon him, a spirit of wisdom and understanding, a spirit of planning and strength, a spirit of knowledge and fear of the LORD.” Isaiah 11:2 CEB

Example: You know you are now born of Spirit when you have wisdom, understanding, planning, strength, knowledge and fear of the Lord.

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