Man is Composite One

Man is not an absolute one rather, Man is a composite one.

Man in a sense has two parts within.

1.) Soul intertwines with the body (from the ground)- this is yourself. Visible and self-conscious being made alive by the breath of life.

2.) Breath of Life or Spirit – this is not you per se, though it’s part of you, the will of it is not yours but of the Eternal Life (Father) who is the source. Invisible and self-conscious but does not intervene with the living soul (1) consciousness so that, the soul may have a life of its own.

Soul x breath of life = living soul = Adam = 1 Gen 2:7

Together 1 but composite. No. 2 is the highest part of you, without it, you don’t exist.

We are created in the Image of God and so God is the same, God is 1 but composite one. Gen 1:26-27

1.) Image of God (Son) -Visible – Self Conscious- Col 1:15

2.) Eternal Life (Father) – Invisible and vast, present inside and outside- Self Conscious –1 Tim 6:16, Jer 23:24, John 17:3

Image (Son) x Eternal Life (Father) = God = 1 = Jesus

Though the Son is self-conscious or has a life of its own, the Image of God (Son) follows the will of the Eternal Life so that they are one also in works, authority and in names but, the fullness of works, authority and name was made known fully when the Son (Image) was sent to become Man- the Christ. John 3:16

Read here: The name above all name

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