People with the name Jesus

“The Father loves the Son and gives everything into his hands.” John 3:35 CEB

Everything was given to the Son, some of these are;

1.) Authority

“Jesus came near and spoke to them, “I’ve received all AUTHORITY in heaven and on earth.” Matthew 28:18 CEB

2.) Glory

“I’ve given them the GLORY that you gave me so that they can be one just as we are one.” John 17:22 CEB

3.) Name of the Father

“I’m no longer in the world, but they are in the world, even as I’m coming to you. Holy Father, watch over them in YOUR NAME, the name you gave me (Matt 1:21), that they will be one just as we are one.” John 17:11 CEB

4.) People.

I have revealed your name to the PEOPLE you gave me from this world. They were yours and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word.”John 17:6 CEB.

Now, how about those people with the name Jesus, like Bar-Jesus (Act 13:6)?

Answer: The guy and all other people with the name Jesus may have the name of the Father but it’s an empty shell- no power, no authority and no glory in it.

What was given to the Son of Mary was not just the name of the Father, it also includes power, authority, glory, and people.

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