The Symbolism of Zero

If you put 0 before the number, it changes nothing. Example: 05

But, if you put 0 after the number, it changes the number. Example: 50

Zero symbolises LIFE. In math, zero is the only real number. It’s the same with LIFE, all reality ends except LIFE. Death is a consequence of life leaving you, life in itself does not experience death, the one who experience it are the one being made alive by the life in them. Once you put life in front of you meaning, you reflect the will of life by choice, your life will change.

From 05 to 50 that’s 10 times change.

Biblically, this is living by the spirit. Life is Spirit, living by the spirit is living by the fruit of it in Gal 5:22-23.

Read here about living by the spirit.

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