No one Has Seen God at Any Time

John 1:18 says, AT ANY TIME.

Covering from beginning to date, no one has seen God yet Jacob had seen God face to face. Contradicting?

Nope, Col 1:15 says, “He (Son) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation meaning, the very first one to be produced. The one seen by Jacob is not THE GOD per se but the Image of God (Son) who was called God in Heb 1:8 but though He was called God, He is not THE GOD, the Son only inherited the name of His Father alongside with authority hence, He was impressed as God.

Was the Son already Christ during the time of patriarchs?

Answer: He is Christ by the foreknowledge of God at the time of patriarchs but it was not yet realized, the realization of the Son as the Christ was when He was sent to become human carrying the Name of His Father.

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