Son or Theophany?

The visible person of the Father in the beginning and in eternity is called the Son not theophany. Theophany is a theological term, not a biblical term. This visible image of God is the first-ever creation of God, the FIRST CAUSED of UNCAUSED before anything was made who inherited the Name, Authority, Power, Glory of His Father.

Space-Time, Quantum Particles, Matters, Lights, Living Beings came after the Son was generated. In fact, all came through the Son and for the Son (Col 1:16).

This visible form (Son) was the one who manifested in the flesh, this flesh is the Christ.

In the old, the visible manifestation (Son) has no human flesh yet.

In the new, the visible manifestation (Son) had a flesh that was glorified in resurrection hence, pre-eminence in everything (Col 1:18). First to have been created in time (no flesh yet), first to have a glorified body in time (with flesh).

In the old and new, the Spirit or LIFE within is part of the Father in exact essence as the source hence begotten. The Father is ETERNAL LIFE Himself very vast, they are in sync in terms of will so that whatever the Son does, the Father does also (John 5:19)

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