The Words of Eternal Life

– Father is ETERNAL LIFE (John 17:3)

– Holy Spirit is the Essence of LIFE– Thought Process/Power and Character of the Father. This can be sent through the Son.

Example: One essence of the Father is wisdom, this wisdom can be sent through the Son. Wisdom is a spirit that gives birth to wisdom also in a sense that, it is contagious, meaning, if you are with a person who has wisdom, you too will gain it. This applies to other essences of the Father i.e love, patience, peace, knowledge, power, etc.

– Son is the image/manifestation of LIFE and its essence– The words of ETERNAL LIFE, the one who shows and or demonstrates in exact manner what LIFE wants and its essence.

All together One.

FATHER and its ESSENCE is co-existence and can exist without the Son.

The Character of the Father is the Father. Just like you are your character.

But the Son is a creation, the first and only created with a Life in exact essence as the source which is His Father hence begotten (Col 1:15). The Son has a life of its own (John 5:26).

He inherited the name of His Father (Heb 1:4) and reflected perfectly the LIFE and its essence.

The Son was also called God in Heb 1:8-9. Therefore, likely, it was the Son who was called God in Genesis 1:26 since it was through the Son that everything was created (Col 1:16). He was likely also the one walking in Gen 3:8, the one seen by Moses and Jacob face to face.

Why do I say these?

Because John 1:18, 1 Timothy 6:16 and even Jesus said in John 5:37 that no one had seen God AT ANY TIME meaning, ever since the beginning of time, no one had seen or can see God except the Son yet, Moses (Exodus 33:11) and Jacob (Gen 32:30) had seen God face to face. Contradictory? Nope! Because the one seen by Jacob and Moses was the Image of the Invisible God. In Col 1:15, the Son is said to be the Image of the Invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. He represents the God to the creation and do the biddings of His Father in exact manner as the Father would do (John 5:19) since the Father was the Life/Spirit within the Son and so, therefore, He spoke in the first person as if He was His Father for, after all, they are in one accord moreover, the Son also inherited the highest and excellent name (Heb 1:4) which is the name of His Father revealed in the right season, this was when the Son came into the flesh or became the Christ. This name is JESUS.

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