The Source of Life is Life Itself

John 17:3 says, this is ETERNAL LIFE, the only true God and in John 4:24 it says, God is Spirit therefore, ETERNAL LIFE is Spirit because this is God, the only true God.

Since Eternal Life is Spirit and Spirit give birth to Spirit (John 3:6), it follows that the Source of eternal life is ETERNAL LIFE Himself. To give out life you must be life in itself but this has a channel/through, this is the Son, the Image of the invisible God, His firstborn (Col 1:15) or the first product of God that was given life in exact essence as the source who is ETERNAL LIFE Himself hence, begotten one. The Son is the cornerstone of the creation and later on, became the cornerstone of salvation. Click here to read further.

Think about it like this;

The source of water is water in itself but to get the water you will need a faucet, this faucet, if you think about it is useless if there is no water to begin with, the faucet serves as the channel of the water so that you can drink the water.

Most only know the faucet, when asked where did you get or can get the water, often, the answer is from the faucet but, in a deeper sense, the faucet is simply a channel of the water.

Going back to the bible, this faucet in typology to the Son made known who is the true source of the water which is water in itself in typology to the Father.

Water- Typology to ETERNAL LIFE in the name JESUS.

Faucet- Typology to the Image of Eternal Life (Son) who inherited the name Jesus and the one who became the Christ. The root of all mankind including David (Rev 22:16) since He was the one speaking in Gen 1:26/Gen 2:7 but this root also has a God (Heb 1:8-9) which is His Father, the ETERNAL LIFE Himself.

Click The Eternal Life to read

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