The Sense of What is Good and Evil

When man was created, initially, they have no knowledge of what is good and evil, the serpent deceive them to eat what was not allowed for them to eat on a bet that, though they will know what is good and evil, this will eventually be overturned so that, as time goes by, humanity will lose its grasp on what is really good and evil. Although it is inherent for man to know what is good and evil, environment and people around him can twist it.

The 10 commandments that Moses received were the basic guidance into going back to what humanity is loosing which is the original sense of what is good and evil and, as Moses expounds this guidance, it can’t help but have similarity in ancient law like the Hammurabi’s Code. In all truth, such similarity does not demonstrate that Moses plagiarized the code of Hammurabi. What the similarities do show is that murder, theft, adultery, and kidnapping are problems in every society and nations that must be addressed. Even today, countries throughout the world have similar laws. Such parallels certainly don’t prove plagiarism otherwise, should Moses be accused of plagiarism, those countries with similar laws also committed the same crime.

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