Humans are gods too?

God is the creator. Humans too are a creator but we can only create limited to words and ideas within our heads. Should we manifest these words and ideas physically or into reality, we would need raw materials that are not created by us.

The creator can control what he creates. As humans, the things we can control are our words and thoughts because these are our creations.

We as humans are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent towards our own creations which are words and ideas in our heads.

Omnipotent (All-powerful)– We can destroy and recreate in our mind any words and ideas we create.

Omniscient (All-knowing)– We know everything on that idea we create inside our head.

Omnipresent (All Present)– The ideas and words can be present wherever and whenever inside our head.

But, all of these are inside our head subjective to the limit of our imagination. Should we manifest any idea or words into reality or physically, we would become less powerful towards it because we now used or requires raw materials that are not made by us.


The idea is money.

To make money into reality, you need a paper that came from a tree, trees are not made by humans.

The idea is car

To make a car into reality, you need metals and the raw materials that made metals are sourced from the earth, the earth which is not made by humans.

And so forth.

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