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Are you being Objective or Subjective?

It’s an illusion to be objective when the subject false under belief. We can only be subjective. Whether you like it or not, interpreting the bible will always fall under subjective. You will always shape the interpretation of the bible … Continue reading

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Touch not the anointed?

Implicitly, giving 10% or tithing as according to Mal 3:10 is being taught to be the Preacher living support kinda like a salary for pastoral services. Above is UPCI tithing doctrine Explicitly, they taught tithing in Mal 3:10 as giving … Continue reading

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The Tithe Deception 101

First, before all other teaching, teach the congregation about the hierarchy of authority, you should give a clear message that you are a man of God and that God give you an authority over the congregation. Anything you will say has been revealed by the holy spirit and so therefore coming from God, disobeying the authority is disobeying God. Make sure you have taught this before anything else to ensure that whatever you say however seem erroneous, they would obey. Continue reading

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