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Tithe is a matter of the heart, it does not matter who receive it?

Counter Argument: I guess this is the most common response when the discussion seemingly not siding to tithing to be applicable in today’s time. But, let me just give a scenario, suppose you are to evangelise or share the truth to a person who firmly believe that through the statue of Mary, a prayer can be heard by God. You explain to him that this is not so as according to the bible, you laid to him all the scripture and all the sensible explanation and bible facts that what he believe is contrary to what the bible say. Yet, in spite of all the sensible and biblical fact you’ve shown, it does not matter to him because in his heart he believe that his prayer can only be heard through the statue of Mary. Are you going to acknowledge that what he believe is biblically acceptable since he believe in his heart that through the statue of Mary his prayer can be heard? Continue reading

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