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Who is THE LIFE in us?

The Life or spirit that is in us is not ours, it is God’s breath (Gen 2:7). The will of the life in us is neither ours, it follows God’s will but it does not intervene with our own will … Continue reading

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Why Did We Leave the UPCI Organization?

Why did we leave UPCI organization? It was not because we were offended by someone, no one has offended us rather, it was because of tithing but it was not because we don’t want to give, it was because we … Continue reading

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The Name above all Name

The English word “noun” has its roots from the Latin word “nomen”, which means “name.” So, name = noun. There are 2 types of noun. Common and; Proper Father, God, Son- these are examples of names or nouns that fall … Continue reading

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Biblical verses that seemingly point out that the Earth is flat and there explanation

“He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” Isaiah 40:22 NIV. What does the circle … Continue reading

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Atheist and Theist, Who is Wiser?

Believing in God or not believing in God is a personal choice. Whatever your choice, it becomes your personal truth, it is not an absolute truth because neither one can prove empirically that God exists or God does not exist … Continue reading

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Church is more like a family

In a family, a title like father serves as a function not a job and the payment due to this is the respect and acknowledgment you deserve as a father. It cannot be treated as a profession similar to a … Continue reading

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Some of the keys of the kingdom of heaven that were bestowed to Peter

Below are some of the keys of the kingdom of heaven that Peter binded on earth that was bound in heaven. Key of baptism– “Peter replied, “Change your hearts and lives. Each of you must be baptized in the name … Continue reading

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